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Shani Darden Texture Reform

Brand: Shani Darden
Product Code: Texture Reform
In Stock
Price: R1,499.00

The gentle sister to Shani’s Retinol Reform, this all-in-one serum is designed to address all skin concerns from texture and tone, to blemishes and redness.  This nightly serum helps skin look smoother, brighter, and more radiant without any irritation.

All Skin Types including Sensitive


- Helps boost cellular turn over, revealing brighter skin
- Helps soften the look of fine lines
- Provides antioxidant protection
- Helps reduce the look of sun damage and dark spots
Aids in decongesting the skin
- Gentle for sensitive skin types

Shanis Take:
“I created Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum for my sensitive clients who wanted to get all the skin renewing benefits of Retinol Reform in an even gentler form.  They get the same results without irritating their delicate skin.”

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