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BLVD. Cosmetics Brush Shampoo & Conditioner Lemon Grass Swirl

Brand: BLVD. Cosmetics
Product Code: lemon grass
Out Of Stock
Price: R340.00

Brush Shampoo-Conditioner Lemon Grass Swirl with a mild pleasant lemon grass scent cleanses and moisturizes your makeup brushes leaving them smooth and vibrant, the bristles will stay healthy and last longer. Excellent for natural or synthetic brushes and beauty blenders. (Wide neck for better brush access).
Our brush shampoo is made with the finest natural oils containing antibacterial and conditioning properties. It is a great alternative to deep washing your makeup tools without alcohol and harsh chemicals. 100% Vegan and Biodegradable. *Scrub Off System attached to inside of lid ​included.

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