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Shani Darden Resurface - Retinol Reform

Brand: Shani Darden
Product Code: retinol reform
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Price: R1,499.00

 A cult favorite all of Shani’s clients swear by, Retinol Reform is powerful, and effective at softening the signs of aging. Its unique formulation is stabilized at a low PH level to promote deeper exfoliation. Immediate results can be seen after just one night, while long term results get even better with continued use. You will wake up to smoother, more refined, and less congested looking skin every morning.

All Skin Types - Excluding Sensitive Skin


- Promotes skin renewal for a bright complexion
- Helps skin feel smoother and more refined 
- Skin looks less congested, and the appearance of blemishes may fade away
- Helps soften the look of fine lines
- Skin looks youthful, more even


Apply 2-3 pumps of the retinol onto clean skin. After retinol has absorbed into the skin, follow with a moisturizer. Begin using 1-2 times a week at night. Gradually build up to every other night and then every night as tolerated by your skin. Use a sunscreen daily to avoid photosensitivity.

DO NOT USE if pregnant or breastfeeding.

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