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Brand: Morphe Brushes
Product Code: SET 682
Out Of Stock
Price: R700.00

11 piece PROFESSIONAL brush set. These brushes consist of natural brushes for powder application and some synthetic brushes for your creams and liquids. This set was built with a PRO in mind, it provides you with a little bit of everything.

Set includes:

1.Pointed Liner                         Bristles ¼”          Full Length 6 5/8”     Bristle Type: Synthetic
2.Angle Liner                            Bristles ¼”          Full Length 6 ½”       Bristle Type: Synthetic
3.Concealer Brush                   Bristles 5/8”        Full Length 7 1/8”      Bristle Type: Goat
4.Pencil Brush                          Bristles 5/8”        Full Length 7 1/8”      Bristle Type: Sable
5 Tapered Blender                    Bristles ½”          Full Length 7 1/8”     Bristle Type: Synthetic
6.Round Blender                       Bristles ½”          Full Length 7 1/8”     Bristle Type: Goat
7.Angle Blush/Contour              Bristles 1 ¼”       Full Length 7”           Bristle Type: Synthetic
8.Foundation Brush                   Bristles 1 ¼”       Full Length 7 ¼”       Bristle Type: Goat
9.Bronzer Brush                        Bristles 1 5/8”      Full Length 7”           Bristle Type: Syn/Sable
10.Duo Foundation Brush         Bristles 1 ½”        Full Length 7 1/8”     Bristle Type: Sable
11.Powder Brush                       Bristles 1 ¾”       Full Length 7 3/8”      Bristle Type: Sable

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