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FENTY BEAUTY Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

Brand: Fenty Beauty
Product Code: galaxy eyeshadow
Out Of Stock
Price: R1,200.00

A limited edition glitter eyeshadow palette of 14 stardusted shades that range from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues designed for accessorising any eye look.


Oh-Zone – Platinum Glitter Topcoat
Xtra Terrestrial – Smoky Moss With Iridescent Green Glitter
Mars On Fire - Copper Rose Glitter Topcoat
Cosmic Ocean - Aqua Glitter Topcoat
Ultraviolit – Smoky Violet With Iridescent Glitter
Lightyear – Smoky Charcoal With Gold Glitter
Midnight Bolt – True Blue With Superfine Glitter
Meteor Crush - Pink And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Sublime – Mint And Gold Glitter Topcoat
Planet Ex – Smoky Brown With Iridescent Glitter
Space Owt – Smoky Grape With Holographic Blue Glitter
Jupiter Sand – Smoky Chocolate With Iridescent Purple Glitter
Milky Way – Ivory With Iridescent Glitter
Sunburst – Amber With Gold Glitter

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