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Ayesha Ziya Fragrances

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  • Ayesha Ziya Fragrances Islah 100ml
    The inviting scents of Islah are fresh and charming, as warming blooms of spice and fruity auras blend with jubilant notes of evocative rosemary and energetic citrus. Islah’s luscious and seductive flavours capture the essence of temptation, expressing elegance and radiance. 100ml Bottle  ..
  • Ayesha Ziya Fragrances Royal Mirage 100ml
    Royal Mirage embraces enchantment and indulgence, presenting ultimate luxury for £109. Citrus echoes of bergamot crown a heart of frankincense, which celebrates exotic and regal Eastern origins. The elevated notes are intensified with a smouldering collection of warm, smoky scents, creating a majest..
  • Ayesha Ziya Fragrances The Oud 100ml
    The Oud, is an exotic, enticing blend of velvety, floral Oud with evocative, spicy mid-notes, which envelop a sensual arbour of musk. Slip into a warming, voluptuous effusion of rich floral Oud and sensual white musk, and allow your senses to be transported to alluringly exotic, balmy, far-off parad..