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Huda Beauty

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  • Huda Beauty Lashes Farah #12
    Soft, feminine and phenomenally fluttery, Huda Beauty’s faux mink Farah #12 are artfully arranged on the flexible cotton band for incredible, eyebrow-grazing length and believable volume. Ideal for those with larger lids, prominent brow bones or who like a more ‘high impact’ look, these are perfect ..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1
    Made of natural fibers, these cruelty-free lashes are light weight making them perfect for a super natural look, stacking, and all-day comfort. Designed by Lash Guru, Huda Kattan to be the most beautiful lashes you will ever wear. Lashes can be used multiple times, depending on care. Please see..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Harmony #17
    Fluffy and ultra-easy to apply, Harmony Lashes #17 are each split into four sections – ideal if you’re new to false lashes, or need to look fabulous, FAST! Painstakingly hand-crafted with a flexible cotton band, these long, tapered lashes can be applied solely to outer corners of each eye to lend ‘l..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Jade #13
        Part of Huda Beauty’s ‘faux mink’ collection, these hand-crafted, triple-stacked lashes feature innovative, tapered fibres, designed to emulate the soft, feathery texture of real fur (without any cruelty), for maximum eyelash impact. Universally flattering, the graduated lash..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Lana #10
    Made from synthetic fibres and completely cruelty-free, Huda Beauty’s false eyelashes can be re-used up to 12 times (depending on care), to dramatically enhance your eyes. Ultra-long and voluminous, Lana #10 have an invisible cotton band and are designed for those who like a more dramatic, doe-eyed ..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Noelle #14