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Vera Mona

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  • Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge
    "Cake and Bake" is a one-of-a-kind beauty sponge that can be used wet, or dry, for full face makeup application, baking, and setting. "Cake and Bake" is reusable and can easily be cleaned and sanitized with warm water, and your favorite cleaning solution, or soap. ..
  • Vera Mona Color Switch Mini
    lean your brushes Instantly with Color Switch Mini! Color Switch Mini by Vera Mona allows the makeup artist to quickly and efficiently switch between colors on your eyeshadow brushes. It is an essential tool that is extremely helpful while using multiple shades. Simply glide the eye shadow bru..
  • Vera Mona Color Switch Proband
    The Proband is a one of a kind armband that allows you to quickly remove color from your makeup brushes! The Proband comes with the exclusive double ended Vera Mona brush (as shown). ..
  • Vera Mona Colour Switch Duo
    Colour Switch Duo by Vera Mona is the only product on the market of its kind! It removes the colour from eyeshadow brushes helping the makeup artist switch to another colour quickly and efficiently. The Duo's unparalleled design includes a centered mini sponge for wet make up application. Nothing el..
  • Vera Mona Colour Switch Solo
    Removes eyeshadow color from brushes to easily switch to the next color Both sides of the black sponge can be used Self cleans as makeup sifts thru to the bottom of the container Sponge can be washed or replaced with a refill pack. Stroke your makeup brush against the sponge to comple..