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Morphe Brushes

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  • Morphe Creme Lip Polish Runway
    Pigmented, full-color lip creams that are super-comfortable on the lips while still being completely opaque. They have excellent wear time without ever being tacky and a glossy finish that wears down to a beautiful, even stain. Brighter coral, pink. ..
  • Morphe DD - Deysi Danger Highlight Palette
    Slayed, snatched and fearless ā€“ Deysi Danger knows how to make a statement. Not only does this palette deliver the radioactive glow that Deysi is known for, it is practical and versatile with shades to fit a range of skin tones. It features a rosy bronze that is perfect for deeper complexions, a cha..
    Crease brush that tapers to a defined point for targeted placement that still gives a soft, diffused look. Excellent tool for looks involving multiple crease colors. ..
  • Morphe E18 - ROUND CREASE
    This shorter, bullet tipped crease brush will give you a stronger, more defined crease color and is an excellent tool for cut crease looks. Also great for stamping color into the outer third of the eye. ..
  • Morphe E36 - DETAIL CREASE
    This stiff, tapered brush fits right into the crease for precise placement of color. Perfect for defined cut crease looks or packing color onto the outer ā€œVā€. ..
  • Morphe E40 - EYELASH FAN
    Achieve fanned out, voluminous lashes like never before. This unique brush has stiff tiny bristles to reach down to the root of the lash and coat each hair. Simply transfer mascara from the wand to the brush. It can also be used after traditional mascara to separate the lashes. ..