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Ouai Haircare

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  • Ouai  - On My Ouai Kit
    A four-piece set of on-the-go hair essentials. Key benefits: - Adds volume - Protects from breakage - Smooths and softens If you want to know more… Dry Shampoo cleanses without water, volumizes, and refreshes, neutralizing product buildup and oil. Texturizing Hair Spray builds volume ..
  • Ouai - All the OUAI Up Kit
    A set to lift and add shine to flat hair, build incredible volume and texture, and extend your style. Key benefits: - Adds lift to fine, flat hair - Builds volume and texture - Cleanses without water, adds water If you want to know more… Thicken and lift flat hair with Volume Spray without..
  • Ouai - Desert OUAIsis Festival Kit
    A set of three essential products for festival-goers. Key benefits: - Wave Spray creates chic, effortless waves - Dry shampoo extends hair style - Hair and Body Oil hydrates skin and hair If you want to know more… Create your own Desert OUAIsis with this limited edition Festival Kit. Sprit..
  • Ouai Dry Hair Supplement
    A powerful punch of Omega 3 fatty acids, Silica, Vitamin E and Iron that feeds hair follicles with intense hydrating nutrients. Like a moisturizer for dry skin, this supplement breathes life into dull, dry hair. Take it to replenish hydration, promote healthy, shiny hair encourage growth, prevent br..
  • Ouai Dry Shampoo
    A dry shampoo that neutralizes product build-up and oil, leaving hair instantly refreshed with a light, airy scent. No suspicious white spots. Free of parabens. No animal testing Size: 132gr ..
  • Ouai Memory Mist
    Protect and perfect with Memory Mist, the high octane heat protectant that primes hair and locks in any style, shape or texture you create until your next shampoo. Memory polymer technology means less retouching, less restyling and less damage. Simply spray in sections on damp or dry hair before sty..