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  • ETUDE HOUSE 24K Gold Therapy Collagen Eye Patch
    This gold containing eye patch smoothly glides onto skin with it's hydro-gel texture and provides firming care with its collagen ingredient for a bright moist eye area. Includes applicator. Contains 60 sheets Net Wt: 0.04 oz. X 60 sheets / 1.4 g X 60 sheets ..
  • ETUDE HOUSE Berry AHA! Bright Peel Sleeping Pack
    The brightening peeling sleeping pack makes skin look smooth and clear by taking care of stubborn dead skin cells and skin texture overnight. Massage gently into skin during the last step of night skincare and finish off by lightly dabbing onto skin. Wear overnight and wash off with lukewarm water t..
  • ETUDE HOUSE Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack - Black Tea
    The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin moisturized and elastic during the night with its compound of black tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles. Suggest Use 1. Using the spatula, dispense gel and 1-2 bubbles onto the palm. 2. Gently rupture the bubbles with the spatula onto the palm and rub wi..