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  • double dare OMG! 2in1 Kit Detox Bubbling Microfiber Mask
    STEP 1 - Detox Bubbling Mask Detox Bubbling Mask will cleanse and detoxify the face with natural ingredients. 1. Apply Detox Bubbling Mask on the face with or without makeup. 2. The mask will generate small bubbles which removes dead skin while detoxifying and cleansing. Leave 1-3 minutes. ..
  • double dare OMG! 3 in1 Kit Peel Off Mask
    A combination mask kit with multi-functioning, anti-aging, and deep cleansing! This kit is infused with pure 24k gold, and  Peel Off Mask kit will instantly boost your skin’s firmness while reducing the appearance of fine lines. It deeply cleanses skin without irritation for the radiant and lum..
  • double dare OMG! 3in1 Kit Hair Repair System
    An innovative and unique on-the-go total hair care system that helps to promote healthy hair from scalp to ends. This fortifying and strengthening formula repairs the hair cuticle and helps to reduce significant damages. It nourishes the scalp and hair to give you healthy, shiny, and radiant hair.&n..
  • double dare OMG! 4in1 KIT Zone System Mask
    An innovative and multi-functional mask kit that targets all areas over the face while improving the overall skin appearance. It will leave your skin to rejuvenated, refreshed, and refined.   STEP 1 - Eye Zone 24k Gold Eye Patch  24k Gold Eye Patch is a soft hydrogel patch ..
  • double dare OMG! MEGA HAIR BAND - Light Pink
    Use OMG! Mega Hair Band when applying all skincare/makeup essentials, when working out to keep sweat from dripping down skin, while relaxing in a spa, bath, or during massage.  Can also be used as a fun and flirty, photo-ready head band with OMG! removable "ears" attached. MATERIALS 90% a..
  • double dare OMG! Platinum Green Facial Mask Kit
    Put your fashionable face forward with the OMG! Platinum Collection. This trendy collection of kits was developed to fuse skincare as fashion into one. Each mask duo features smooth and colorful peel off formulas to revive your complexion with cutting edge ingredients and a serum pad to remove any m..