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Eye lashes

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  • Huda Beauty Lash Glue
    Huda Beauty Lash Glue is the fastest drying, blackest and strongest lash glue created. It dries completely within seconds of applying, and is waterproof, meaning it won’t budge through the day no matter what situation life brings you. ..
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  • Huda Beauty Lashes Camille #16
    With a slightly shorter band to ease the application process, Huda Beauty’s Camille Lashes #16 are painstakingly hand-crafted to grant enviable length and volume without causing you unnecessary stress (ideal if you’re new to false lashes, or need to look fabulous, FAST)! Placed from the centre to th..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Farah #12
    Soft, feminine and phenomenally fluttery, Huda Beauty’s faux mink Farah #12 are artfully arranged on the flexible cotton band for incredible, eyebrow-grazing length and believable volume. Ideal for those with larger lids, prominent brow bones or who like a more ‘high impact’ look, these are perfect ..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle #1
    Made of natural fibers, these cruelty-free lashes are light weight making them perfect for a super natural look, stacking, and all-day comfort. Designed by Lash Guru, Huda Kattan to be the most beautiful lashes you will ever wear. Lashes can be used multiple times, depending on care. Please see..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Harmony #17
    Fluffy and ultra-easy to apply, Harmony Lashes #17 are each split into four sections – ideal if you’re new to false lashes, or need to look fabulous, FAST! Painstakingly hand-crafted with a flexible cotton band, these long, tapered lashes can be applied solely to outer corners of each eye to lend ‘l..
  • Huda Beauty Lashes Jade #13
        Part of Huda Beauty’s ‘faux mink’ collection, these hand-crafted, triple-stacked lashes feature innovative, tapered fibres, designed to emulate the soft, feathery texture of real fur (without any cruelty), for maximum eyelash impact. Universally flattering, the graduated lash..