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Makeup Brushes

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  • Morphe M310 - LARGE SOFT FAN
    FAN FAVORITE. LITERALLY. InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys Best Highlighting Brush Award Feather-light fan brush with just enough fullness to sweep on highlight. It’s also perfect for diffusing color and sweeping away excess powder. Bristle Type: Goat Dimensions: Bristles: 1 5/8" Full Length:..
  • Morphe M330 - BLENDING CREASE
    Fluffy blending brush with a defined, tapered point. This brush is perfect for diffusing harsh lines and giving your crease color a final blend. Bristle Type: Sable Dimensions:  Bristles: 3/4" Full Length: 7 1/8"   ..
  • Morphe M405 - CONTOUR BLUSH
    A multi-use brush. Great for applying bronzer, blush or highlight to the cheekbones. The angled shape allows you to create more definition while still looking natural. Bristle Type: Goat Dimensions: Bristles: 1 1/4" Full Length: 6 3/4" ..
  • Morphe M413 - BROW/SPOOLIE
    Bristle Type: Synthetic Dimensions: Bristles: 1/4" Spoolie: 1" Full Length: 6 3/8" ..
  • Morphe M427 - TAPERED DUO BLUSH
    This duo fiber brush tapers to a rounded tip and applies blush with diffused color and controlled placement. ..
  • Morphe M432 - FLAT LINER DEFINER
    Bristle Type: Synthetic Dimensions:  Bristles: 1/4" Full Length: 6 1/4" ..