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Makeup Brushes

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    Use to clean and sanitize cosmetic brushes.  Directions: Pour a small amount of cleaner into a small container. Dip the brush into the solution and wipe off on a clean tissue. Repeat until entire brush has been cleaned. Do not over saturate the brush, doing so will increase drying times. ..
  • Crown Brush C204 RED SABLE OVAL
    The Red Sable Oval Brush can be used for applying concealer to the under eye area as well as more confined areas of the face for a fuller coverage of product. Bristle Profile: Natural Red Sable Blend, Easy to clean and maintain with proper care, Very soft yet dense enough to maintain shape and st..
  • Crown Brush C210 SMALL CHISEL FLUFF
    The Small Chisel Fluff is a small, semi-dense eyeshadow brush designed for depositing product onto the lid as well as blending out shadows in the crease and along the lid. This natural hair brush can be used with both pressed and loose powders. Bristle Profile: Natural Sable Blend, Easy to clean ..
  • Crown Brush C310 LARGE SOFT FAN
    The Large Soft Fan is designed for light powder applications for all over the face. This ultra soft natural hair brush is especially useful in applying highlighting powders to the cheekbones, collarbones, and the higher points of the face for a natural glow. Bristle Profile: Natural Goat Blend, E..
  • Crown Brush C409 Angle Definer Brush
    The Angle Definer Brush is a very small, compact, angled liner brush. This synthetic brush can be used to apply liner to the lash line as well as create dramatic winged eyeliner looks. This brush is also suitable for use in the brow with powders, pomades, and gels. ..
  • Crown Brush C413 BROW DUO
    The Brow Duo's stiff, compact head allows for a precise application and easy product pickup. The angle of the brush helps to get a close and neat application of powder within the brow, allowing for sculpting and shaping of both natural and dramatic looking eyebrows. The spoolie on the other end of t..